Walker Todd scores 1000 points in basketball

By: Ella Johns, PCA Senior

During the end of his senior basketball season, Walker Todd scored his thousandth point in the basketball game against rival Bulloch Academy.  PCA’s Eddie Durrence Gymnasium roared with applause as his membership in the 1000-point club was secured with a solo layup. Friends and family cheered and brought out signs to commemorate this long awaited moment. Todd has played basketball for Pinewood since he was a fifth grader and has been a member of the PCA varsity basketball team for five years.  During his high school years, he accumulated 1056 points as a varsity player.  Basketball head coach Chance Cofield said, “I am very proud of Walker. He has worked hard as a basketball player. Scoring 1000 points is a great accomplishment to an amazing career he has had at Pinewood.”