The counselor serves all students in the school. The counseling program includes the planning of each student’s academic program, counseling with students who have personal or academic problems, administering the school’s testing program, providing college and career guidance, and assisting in the college application process.

Pinewood’s guidance center houses a wealth of catalogs, books, pamphlets and other materials on colleges and universities. The guidance counselor also strives to provide valuable information on college entrance exam preparation, financial aid and career choices. The counselor organizes the College Fair and hosts Financial Planning events for students and parents. Through the use of the counselor’s website students and parents are kept abreast of graduation requirements including new information about tests, colleges, scholarships, etc. 

The counselor may be reached at 912-739-1272 extension 30 or via email at Parents needing to speak to the guidance counselor may call and schedule an appointment. Students needing assistance may stop by the guidance office to schedule an appointment. The school guidance counselor is available Monday through Friday from 7:45am to 3:45pm.