Booster Club Leadership

Bryan wiggins


Jamey durrence


Kasey hendrix


Keith Wasson

Athletic Director

David Bland

Board Liason

Booster Club Projects

Parent Associations

The PCA Booster Club consistently is comprised of well over 125‑member families and currently is enjoying a membership receipt total of over $75,000. These membership receipts, coupled with profits from our fund‑raising, give the Booster Club an annual budget of approximately $60,000.

Our membership levels are sold on a graduating scale to include the following values: $50, $300, $600, $1000, $2500. Various incentives are given for each level including spirit items, passes to athletic events, and VIP football and baseball parking.

In addition to the membership receipts, the PCA Booster Club raises funds by advertising on the score boards, baseball and softball fences. The club oversees the concessions sales at all athletic events, with all proceeds added to the PCA General account.

The Booster Club continually offers financial help to all of the athletic programs donating $20,000 to the school’s athletic budget.

For more information on how you can become a member or for advertising opportunities, please contact Bryan Wiggins at (912) 288-6762 or Jamey Durrence at (912) 237-3695.


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