Pinewood earns high marks at Rivers & Glen Junior Shootout

Harrison Cleary zeros in on his shot.

By:  PCA Journalism

The PCA shotgun team travelled to Savannah, GA, October 7 – 8, to compete in the 2023 Rivers & Glen Junior Shootout at Forest City Gun Club.  The team shot 350 targets over 2 days.

On Saturday, they competed in 100 Trap and 100 Sporting Clays (200 Targets).  Afterwards, they were treated to a dinner catered by Barnes Restaurant.  All shooters were given Rivers & Glen hats and entered in door prize drawings with prizes valued at a total of $5000.  Gannon Williford’s name was one of the lucky ones drawn for a nice hunting/shooting bag.  On Sunday, the team competed in 100 Skeet & 50 Super Sporting (150 Targets).  Pinewood earned numerous awards for their shooting skills.  Among the team’s accomplishments, sophomore Landyn Fries brought home five first place finishes including the Ladies’ High Overall and Harrison Cleary shot a personal record in Trap and Skeet with first 25 and 50 straight in Skeet.

Individual and squad awards were as follows:

PCA Individual Awards were:

 Landyn Fries:

Lady HOA (High Overall)
Place JV Lady Sporting Clays
1st Place JV Lady Skeet
1st Place JV Lady Super Sporting
3rd Place JV Lady Trap

Rans McCall:
2nd Place JV Super Sporting

Emily Stidams:
3rd Place Varsity Lady Super Sporting

Abi Pazderski:
3rd Place Varsity Lady Skeet
4th Place Varsity Lady Super Sporting

CJ Strickland:
4th Place Varsity Super Sporting

PCA Squad Awards were:

1st Place JV Super Sporting – after a shoot-off with Gatewood
Landyn Fries, Rans McCall, Harrison Cleary

2nd Place JV Trap
Landyn Fries, Bryson Dutton, Harrison Cleary, Wyatt Dasher, Ethan Stavriotis

3rd Place JV Sporting Clays,
Landyn Fries, Rans McCall, Bryson Dutton

3rd Place Upper Middle Trap
JP Connor, Gannon Williford, Tavren McCall, Will Durham, Jacob Stavriotis

4th Place JV Skeet – after a shoot-off with Savannah Christian
Landyn Fries, Wyatt Dasher, Johnathan Fries
The PCA TOP FIVE were:

Landyn Fries – 329
CJ Strickland – 325
Bryson Dutton – 309
Harrison Cleary – 303
Chris Driggers – 298