Pinewood Christian Academy Introduces Shooting Team

The 2015 school year started off with a bang with the addition of the Pinewood Shooting Team, which is coached by Michael Clark, Jarrin Lewis, Grayson Sommers, Andy Durrence, and Kelvin Goodson. The shooting team has expanded the extra-curricular activities for eighth through twelfth grades. The PCA Shooting Team meets for one and one half hours every Monday and Thursday at the Evans County Wildlife Club. There are three different types of shooting offered: skeet, trap, and sporting clays. The most commonly taught of the three types is skeet. The shooting team members supply their own guns along with their own shells in order to compete. Competitions include shooting twenty-five rounds of skeet, twenty-five rounds of trap, and one hundred rounds of sporting clays. The state shooting competition will be held on December 4-5, 2015, in Savannah, Ga. At this event PCA’s team will be ranked among the other teams from around the state. PCA’s shooting team brings not only responsibility to young adults, but also encouragement to be more active.
The Pinewood shooting team and coaches would like to express their thankfulness to all who have contributed money and time to make this team possible. Special thanks goes to the NeSmith family for allowing the team to practice on their property.

By Audrey Skinner