PCA Continue Their Undefeated Streak

On November 6, 2015, Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA) went head-to-head against Augusta Prep, and the Pinewood Patriots were victorious with a score of 40-7 advancing the PCA 2015 record to 11-0. The Augusta Prep Cavaliers kicked an onside kick, and Pinewood received the ball. Noah Callaway made a spectacular quarterback sack. Matthew Floyd recovered a fumble, and Blake Shuman scored the first touchdown (TD) of the game. The kick was successfully kicked through the uprights by Caleb Conley, so the scoreboard read 7-0. The Pinewood Patriots stopped the Cavaliers, and the Patriots were forced to punt. Preston Campbell scored another Patriot TD. Caleb Conley once again kicked the ball successfully through the uprights, so the score became 14-0. Second quarter began with the Patriots in the lead, and Matthew Floyd recovered the fumble. Jeffrey Young ran a hard run for the Pinewood Patriots. The ball was handed to Preston Campbell who scored the third Patriot TD, but the kick was not good. The score became 20-0. Jeffrey Young threw a fabulous pass to Blake Shuman who ran the ball all the way into the end zone for another Patriot TD. Pinewood set up for a two point conversion, but they were blocked by Augusta Prep. Third quarter started with Kaleb Shuman who recovered a fumble on the play. Preston Campbell ran for the Patriots which resulted in a TD led by Cameron Dutton. The point after was good, so the score became 32-0. Jeffrey Young ran well again for the Patriots. After Kaleb Shuman made another fantastic TD, the score became 40-0. Head Coach Keith Wasson took out the first string players and rotated in second and third string. The Patriots were called back for an illegal procedure. Noah Johns had an excellent tackle for Pinewood. Ford Thompson started off fourth quarter with a first down for the Patriots. Garlon Rogers contributed to the hard effort the Patriots were giving by running for another first down. Colin Woolard fumbled the ball, and Augusta Prep recovered the ball. The Augusta Prep Cavaliers ended the game with their first TD, and the kick was good. The final score was 40-7. Come support the Patriots as they go neck-and-neck with the Valwood Valiants on Friday, November 13, 2015 at home on Lowell Coley Field. Pinewood’s entry fee is $8 for adults, $5 for students, and only GISA passes are accepted for this playoff game.

By: Lilly Dasher