PCA’s sixth graders highlight their future with vision board project

By: Haleigh McWilliams, PCA Freshmen

Over the past couple of weeks, Mrs. Lauren Bluestein’s sixth grade have been working on their “Grace, Gold, and Glory Vision Board Projects.” The students read Gabby Douglas’ autobiography Grace, Gold, and Glory in which they learned about the Olympic gold medalist and how her struggles shaped her fantastic future. Afterwards, each student constructed their vision boards to show how they want their future to look. “Vision boards have a simple but amazing concept. If you visualize the life you want, you’ll strive to obtain it. They are an amazing source of inspiration and motivation for basically any goal you could possibly have,” stated Mrs. Bluestein. The students assembled their projects during class. Each of them brought a poster board along with fifteen to twenty images that symbolize their dream life and the future they hope to obtain. The pictures were to convey their dream college, relationships, future jobs, travels, and other factors of their aspirational lifestyle.

On Tuesday, October 11, the kids presented their vision boards to their teacher and class. Sixth grader Shelby McWilliams said, “Vision boards are an amazing way to see everyone’s desires and what we want to accomplish.” The vision boards were an excellent way for everyone to showcase their dreams and create inspiration for their future.

(l to r) Front Row: Barret Sanders, Jacob Stavriotis, Jack Hales, Hunter Folsom, and Cason Lewis; Back Row: Ridge McCall, Pate Rogers, and Percy Randall.