Remembering Pinewood’s First Homecoming

Pinewood Precious Moment

It was fall of 1973. As dusk was beginning to fall, PCA came alive with the start of another Pinewood first.  Girls representing grades 9 through 12 came onto the football field and were escorted by football players to centerfield.  Excitement was building and finally the moment of truth arrived:  the 1973 Homecoming Queen, Kay Holland, was crowned.  Kay was escorted that evening by senior football player Delbert Bland.  But this was only the beginning of a memorable evening.  The game went on and on; the score remained 0 – 0.  Everyone became tense – then a score and another score.  A grand finish to a great night with Pinewood winning 7 to 6 against Robert Toombs Academy.

Pinewood had crowned its first Homecoming Queen.  This tradition continues and this year at half time we will crown our 50th queen.

Several changes have been made over the years.  Fathers or grandfathers now escort the young ladies.  Grades seven through twelve are now represented.  A crown bearer and a flower girl have been added.  A Homecoming Princess is now selected.  The girls are also presented before the game as well as at half time.

Homecoming has become a tradition at Pinewood.  Many young ladies have represented their classes over the years.  As we celebrate the crowning of Miss Homecoming 2022, we have memories of the years gone by.  As we celebrate another Pinewood Precious Moment, we would like to remember all the past queens and their escorts.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary, each of the 49 past homecoming queens have been invited to the celebration of this golden anniversary.  The past queens are as followed:

1973- Kay Holland Culver

1974- Sandra Brewton Bland

1975- Tammi Coley Berl

1976- Deidra Kennedy Hilton

1977- Debbie Durrence Roderick

1978- Lynda Kennedy Moja

1979- Stephanie Jarriel Lewis

1980-  Renee Durrence Savitz

1981- Cindy Glisson Edwards

1982- Ronda Barnhill Walker

1983- Paige Banks Carter

1984- Lisa Johnson Williams

1985- Rachelle Ledesma Nall

1986- Wendy Montembeau

1987- Lisa McCurdy Barry

1988- Amy Branch Lawson

1989- Renee Rogers Howard

1990- Tonya Strickland

1991- Cyndi DeLoach Rogers

1992- Wendy Durrence Thomas

1993- Anna Durrence Rogers

1994- Candice Brannen Thompson

1995- Brooke Anderson Walker

1996- Lori Toole Dutton

1997- Addie Durrence Wiggins

1998- Ansley Thompson Rogers

1999- Abigale Durrence Covey

2000- Lindsey Sikes Brown

2001- Haley Blaxton Wallace

2002- Shae Kennedy Tarver

2003- Leslie McNeely Braun

2004- Jenna Lewis Folsom

2005- Jessica Kennedy Durrence

2006- Jenny Young

2007- Elizabeth Tatum

2008- Ashlee Lynn Morris

2009- Meg Miller McKienny

2010- Shaina Kennedy Kemp

2011- Josie Graham Sharpe

2012- Kate Miller Bosiacki

2013- Megan Ray

2014- Edie Threlkeld

2015- Delaney Pirkle

2016- Aubrey Ray Sheffield

2017- Milligan Williams

2018- Jordan Jernigan

2019- Ansley Howard

2020- Payton Rogers

2021- Jena Bradley