PCA hosts Katie Belle Jarriel Dinner Theatre

By: Laci Stone, PCA senior

Pinewood Christian Academy recently hosted its annual Katie Belle Jarriel Dinner Theatre for Patrons and friends. This year the team performed “Little Red Reboot” by Sonya Sobieski. The play is an irreverent mash-up told by two narrators (Hailey Jarriel and Caroline DeLoach) of the Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks tales, in which two rebellious females you think you already know break the rules of storytelling to show the importance of video games and working together.

The story began with the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood (Grace Rogers) when her mother (Haleigh McWilliams) sent her on an errand to take her grandma (Abby McDonald) some banana bread.  The story quickly transformed into its own story when Little Red protested her death. The characters then went on to retell the story until they get it right- according to Little Red. Throughout the story, two of the four trees (Priscilla Dillon, Ella Johns, Ava Kinlaw, and Laci Stone) offered funny commentary that helped the story move along. At the end of the story, all of the characters were stuck in grandma’s house with the bad wolf (Lara Durrence). Simultaneously, Goldilocks (Shelby Croft) happened to be snooping at the bear’s’ (Jake Rogers and Wesley Tippins) house when the bears came home. The bears were angered by this so they chased Goldie before breaking grandma’s house door open freeing the characters.  Red kills the wolf then Goldie and Red become friends again.  By the end of the play, each characters recognized how the moral of the story was different for each one of them.  “This year’s one act play has been the best yet! We had a great group of students and great directors.” stated Grace Rogers.