Pinewood collects shoeboxes for Christmas

By: Ella Johns, PCA Senior


Pinewood’s Interact Club hosted the Christmas mission project by filling shoeboxes for Samaritan’s Purse. The mission of these boxes is to give gifts to children who do not normally receive them and spread the word of God. The students filled shoeboxes with toys, clothes, and crafts before they shipped them off to various villages around the world. In addition to the kids’ goodies, each box contains a Bible and the opportunity for these children to take part in a series of Bible lessons once the boxes arrive. This year, Pinewood students and faculty put together 327 shoeboxes, which were delivered to drop-off locations by the Interact Club members. “Our Interact Club students are always excited to be a part of this mission as they collect boxes from homerooms and then sort and organize them for delivery to the drop-off location,” said Mrs. Jennifer Bradley, the Interact Club coordinator.