Fire Safety with Sparky


By:  Riley Nevil, PCA senior


Friday, November 20th, the Claxton Fire Department visited Pinewood as part of the Fire Safety Week activities at the school.  The CFD educated the lower school PCA students on fire safety. The kids were shown the basic functions of the firetruck and how the firemen’s suits work. They were reminded to stop drop and roll if they were ever caught in a fire and run to the safety of a firefighter. Lastly, with the help of the department’s mascot, Sparky, the kids were taught how to spray the firehose, which was by far the most exciting event of the day.


Photo courtesy of Mrs. Vicki Hutcheson.
Mrs. Franklin’s 1st grade class: (pictured l to r) Front Row: Sadie Lewis, Isabella Haire, Kennedy Kicklighter, Addison Barrow, Penelope Tarver; Back Row: Conway Rushing, Truett Purcell, Eason Rager, Sparky, Kamden Strickland, Rhett Lee, Tate Rogers, and Luke Edwards.