Spanish II Projects

By Leah Deal, PCA Senior

To wrap up this year’s second semester, Mrs. Johns’ Spanish II classes prepared presentations on famous Hispanic individuals, for example Frida Kahlo and Jennifer Lopez, who have left their mark on the America’s culture or the world as a whole. Students were to choose a famous Hispanic figure and create a three to five-minute presentation on the individual they chose.

The students included information about their figure’s place of birth, childhood, adolescence, rise to fame and/or significance, current standing, and their location and position to this day. They created visual aids via PowerPoints, posters, and props to assist with their presentation. The students were all very creative in their efforts and presented very resourceful and informative projects.

Front Row: Josh Rogers; Back Row (l to r): Payton Rogers, Jake Shuman, Grayson Swindell, Matalie Miles, and Ella Anderson.