Pinewood Patriots Hold Their Undefeated Title

Friday, October 2, 2015, the Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA) Patriots won against Edmund Burke Academy (EBA) 21-0 maintaining their undefeated streak. The Patriots marched down the field and scored early in the first quarter. The score held at 7-0 until the start of the second quarter. Second quarter was intense. John Michael Thompson had a 70 yard run which put the Patriots on the 11 yard line. Preston Campbell managed the ball to the one yard line, and Jeffrey Young scored the second touchdown (TD) of the game bumping the score to 14-0, Pinewood. Ford Thompson had a flawless interception and gained about 20 yards for the Patriots. Then EBA intercepted the ball and ran it 20 yards. The Patriots held the EBA Spartans for third quarter. Matthew Floyd, Cameron Dutton, and Noah Callaway all made tackles for the Pinewood Patriots while Kaleb Shuman ran up the middle for the Patriots. At the fourth quarter, Matthew Floyd had yet another amazing tackle for Pinewood, and Cameron Dutton recovered the ball from the kickoff. Kaleb Shuman ran all the way for a TD, but unfortunately was called back because a flag was thrown on the play. Parks Hagan completed the Patriot third interception, and ran for a PCA TD. Caleb Conley kicked the extra point, and it was good making the score 21-0. EBA could not gain any yards since John Michael Thompson held his ground and did not let the EBA player past him. Noah Callaway and Matthew Floyd consistently made several key tackles. Throughout the entire game, Wes Purcell, Connor Kennedy, and Quincy Tanner contributed to a strong front line of defense. With 2 minutes and 58 seconds left on the clock, Coach Keith Wasson started rotating third string in the game, and the Pinewood Patriots were able to accomplish their seventh victory for this season. Come support the Patriots for their next home game on October 9, as they challenge Frederica Academy on Lowell Coley Field, PCA.

By: Lilly Dasher