PCA Home Economics Class Learns to Make Goat Cheese


By: Anna Scott

On Wednesday, April 27, Kim Woolard visited the Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA) Home Economics class to demonstrate making goat cheese. Mrs. Woolard first learned how to make goat cheese when her husband and two sons wanted to build a barn and get some goats. It took her about a year to get her first batch of cheese. Because the goats that the Woolards bought were pregnant, she had to wait until they gave birth and began to produce milk before she could begin the process of making the cheese.

The process of making goat cheese begins with heating a gallon of goat’s milk and adding an agent to make it curdle. Then over the next 12-24 hours the curds are drained to help form a large ball of cheese that can be seasoned and formed into the desired shape to serve!


Mrs. Kim Woolard explaining the process she is about to demonstrate



Mrs. Kim Woolard adding the agent to the goat’s milk



Mrs. Kim Woolard showing cheese after it has coagulated