Candy Experiments

By: Miranda DeLoach

During the week of Monday, May 9 to Friday, May 13, the Pinewood Christian Academy fifth and sixth grade classes conducted a series of candy experiments with their science teacher Miss Elizabeth Tatum. The classes completed up to three experiments each day. Monday they performed a vanishing cotton candy experiment, a pop rock bubble trap, and an experiment to figure out how much “pop” is hidden in pop rocks. On Tuesday they made and tracked Halley’s Comet, made floating letters, and discovered why red and yellow make orange. Wednesday was a shorter day filled with a more explosive experiment—a Mentos and soda fountains. The fountains were followed by creating a stretchy snake, and discovering just how sticky several candies were on Thursday. To finish up the week on Friday, the students learned how to dissolve chocolate, make marshmallow submarines, and make candy color trails. The week was a fun continuous example of the many great discoveries and reactions that can occur when science is put to the test.


Weyman Houston, Marley Dekle, Jena Bradley, Asher Cathey, Greg Griffin, Walt Durrence, Mic Wasson, Jade Bradley, Gray Duckworth, Anna Kate Dutton, Joseph Eason, Amanda Barry,

IMG_3856Jade Bradley, Grayson Duckworth, Walt Durrence, Mic Wasson, Clint Strickland, Greg Griffin, Weyman Houston