Mrs. Miller’s Senior English Classes Finish Monster Projects

By: Ginny Nutting, PCA Sophomore

Mrs. Angie Miller’s senior classes recently finished reading Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, a novel that narrates the story of a talented scientist, Victor Frankenstein, who has a heightened interest in what the secret of life is. When he finally comes to his conclusion, he brings together various parts of dead bodies to form a monster of his own. The creature turns out to not be what Victor expected and he, along with humanity, resent the monster.

Following the reading of the novel, Mrs. Miller’s classes completed a Build Your Own Monster project. Students were tasked with the job of bringing together his or her own Frankenstein whether it be his or her perfect TV show character, their perfect NBA player, or some other perfect mix of a person. Each “Frankenstein” consisted of at least seven different body parts to make the whole. The students took different people or characters’ body parts and combined them into their own perfect person or character. This project was a fun way for the classes to end the novel on a creative note. Mrs. Miller explained, “The Build Your Own Monster poster project puts students in Victor Frankenstein’s shoes. They must plan their creation, find the ideal parts to craft it, and explain why they chose each part. The poster also injects a bit of whimsy and fun into the study of a very dark nineteenth century novel.”