PCA Honors English Students present Alchemy Boxes

By: Brayden Gravley, PCA sophomore

Students in Mrs. Angie Miller’s Honors English II class have just finished reading The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, a classic Shakespearian play. The complicated plot line can make it tough to understand, but it also made way for this exciting project. These sophomores were required to make an alchemy box using characters, plot elements, and their own artistic abilities.

Alchemy is a medieval form of chemical science that focuses on the transmutation of base metals into gold, the curing of diseases, and the secret of immortality. It is also the practice that lead to modern day chemistry. However, no magic was needed in the making of these projects! Instead, students decorated and filled a shoe box with certain items representing the characters, plot, and setting. They also included four character analysis essays to reflect their understanding of characters within the in reference to each character’s physical attributes, personality, and motivations.

Every student was given a chance to showcase their boxes and explain the items they chose in front of the class. Projects that take creativity are hard work, but it’s always worth it when you have a masterpiece to be proud of afterwards!

Back Row (L to R): Colt Bragg, Nathan Scott, Jake Shuman, and Landon DeLoach
Middle Row (L to R): Brayden Gravley, Susie DeLoach, MiKaley Durrence, and Kadence Sowell
Front Row (L to R): Savana Collins, Emi Oates, Madeline Holland, Riya Patel, and Lydia Kicklighter