PCA’s Senior BETA Club hosts Haunted House

This year, PCA’s Senior BETA Club hosted a haunted trail for Pinewood’s patrons to enjoy. In compliance with Covid-19 guidelines, PCA BETA Club decided to put their own twist on the haunted house and host it as a haunted trail. It was held on Tuesday, October 26 from 7 to 9:30PM. “Preparing for this haunting event was so much fun. During the trail, everyone who was in it had to be in character at all times,” said Elizabeth O’Brien, BETA member.

The trail started at the softball gate and continued into the woods behind the school. The trail was full of scary monsters and clowns. There was a different section around every corner, from insane asylums to creepy dolls. Those who dared to enter were scared the whole journey through the trail. “There were terrible screeching noises coming from the doll section in the woods,” explained PCA junior, Yug Patel, “It was one of those sounds that you just want it to stop.”

The money raised from this event goes to help pay for the BETA convention in the winter. This spooky event is one that the BETA members, students, and staff look forward to every year.