PCA Old Fashion Day

By: Emiley Phillips

The PCA Annual Old Fashion Day was held on Friday, May 6, this year at the Daniel Farm house that was built in 1895. Third grade students from Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA) were taken to the Daniel farm house to experience what life would have been like in the olden days. The students were encouraged to dress in old-fashioned farm clothes representing the late 1800s. Parents and grandparents were invited, and the Pinewood seniors helped and participated in all activities. Once they arrived, the students took part in many exciting activities such as square dancing, learning about old farm equipment and musical instruments, taking a hayride, playing old-fashion games, making butter, eating homemade ice cream, touring the old farmhouse, and eating sack lunches.

The students also took part in sack/relay races alongside the seniors. The seniors even had fun joining the 3rd graders in the square dancing activity. The students learned what “simpler times” were like and had a fun time joining in the many activities. The seniors, parents, grandparents, and teachers also had an exciting time joining in with the children in many of their activities, teaching them many new things, and learning new things themselves. Overall, it was an exciting and enjoyable day.


IMG_0042_resize (2)

Carl Waters, Jordan Whitlow, Cody Burke

IMG_0080_resize (1)

Lara Durrence, Milli Anderson, Will Wasson, Connor Baldwin

IMG_0145_resize (1)

Row with backs to camera: Barrett Wilbanks, Luke Deloach, Lil Deloach (parent), Brenda Crosby (grandparent), Julie Edwards (parent), April Scott (parent)

Row on opposite side of trailer: Paula Claxton (parent), Polly Claxton, Becky Edwards (cannot see her face), Emma Strickland, Abi Scott

IMG_0154_resize (1)Blake Shuman (senior), Jordan Whitlow, Carl Waters, Cody Burke, Claire Deloach, Braxton Anderson, Dana Vo

Standing behind: seniors Preston Campbell and Will Sheffield

IMG_0344_resize (1)Mr. David Waters (parent), Mrs. Ava Waters (parent), Claire Deloach, Pace Gagliardo (senior), James Buckley (senior), Noah Johns (senior), Jake Tarver (senior), Cody Burke, Mr. Andy Phan(parent), Carl Water, Jordan Whitlow, Michelle Whitlow (parent), Jason Whitlow(parent)

IMG_0541_resize (1)

Front Row: Abi Scott, Becky Edwards, Liam Porter, Thomas Cole Hendrix, Carl Waters, Milli Anderson, Ava Woolard, Braeden Eason, Jordan Whitlow

Back Row: Connor Baldwin (Can see only eyes and hat), Lara Durrence

IMG_8296_resize (1)Front Row: Dana Vo, Connor Baldwin, Becky Edwards, Braxton Anderson, Barrett Wilbanks, Patrick Kight, Thomas Cole Hendrix, Cooper Deal

Row 2: Helen McDonald, Valery Manville, Milli Anderson

Row 3: Jordan Whitlow, Mason McNeely, Jayce Dodd, Liam Porter, Polly Claxton, Braeden Eason, Ava Woolard, Hamilton Whiten, Carl Waters

Row 4: Luke Deloach, Emma Strickland, Maelee Kennedy, Isabella Mulligan, Katelyn Langford, Jordan Bland, Genevieve Bradley, Joanna Skeens

Row 5: Cody Burke, Bryson Croft, Laura Durrence, Maggie Dasher, McKenzie Hobbs, Payton Cowart, Hailey Collins, Abi Scott, Claire DeLoach, Will Wasson

Row 6: Hailey Jarriel, Mrs. Pam Daniel, Mrs. Crystal DeLoach