PCA Finer Things Club Celebrates a Year of Hard Work

By: Emma Waters

On Wednesday, April 27, 2016, twelve Pinewood Christian Academy (PCA) AP Literature students in Mrs. Angie Miller’s class celebrated working hard this school year. The students dressed in their favorite spring outfits and gathered together outdoors to have refreshments, talk, and even play musical instruments together. Mrs. Miller provided the refreshments on silver and china for the garden party. Mrs. Miller hosts this party for her AP students every year to reward them for working hard. All the students enjoyed the party, the company, and the finer things in life.


IMG_8034 (1)

Chase Anderson, EmmaLeigh Skinner, Allyson Dillard, Melody Jones, Madison Boatright, Sam Hobbs, Allyse Kumpula, Lauren Dreggors, Tarah Thompson, Emily Shiver, Abigail Stauffer, Jacob McCooey