Booster Club Leadership

Dennis Strickland
Merrie Kennedy
Kay Hagan
Keith Wasson
Athletic Director

Booster Club Directors

Brian Shuman
Willie Beecher
Tammy Durrence
Mike Dollar
Brian Hagan
Neal Anderson
Mark Durrence

Booster Club Projects

The PCA Booster Club consistently is comprised of well over 125‑member families and currently is enjoying a membership receipt total of over $49,000. These membership receipts, coupled with profits from our fund‑raising activities, give the Booster Club an annual budget of approximately $60,000.

Our membership levels are sold on a graduating scale to include the following values: $50, $100, $150, $300, $600, $1000. Various incentives are given for each level including spirit items, passes to athletic events, and VIP football parking.

In addition to the membership receipts, the PCA Booster Club raises funds by having two annual Coca-Cola sales and continuous spirit sales. The club oversees the concessions sales at all athletic events, but all proceeds go to the PCA General account.

Not only does the Booster Club continually offer financial help to all of the athletic programs with various item purchases, it also donates an amount of $10,000 to the school’s general fund to the benefit of all students.