Library and Media Center

As a result of the efforts of many people, Pinewood students enjoy a well-established library.

It is the desire of the administration that teachers and students reap maximum benefits from this resource. We like for our students to read, read, and read! Each student borrowing books from the library is responsible for returning them by the due date and in good condition. Students pay for books that are lost or damaged while in their possession. A fine of 10 cents per item per day is charged for each overdue book returned late.

K4 and K5 students can check out books weekly via a pickup system from their classrooms. A canvas bag identified with the student’s bar code label facilitates the weekly checkouts in K4-K5 classrooms.

Students in 1st through 12th grades may visit the library daily to check out books and may have two books checked out at the same time.


  • The weekly “Storytime” sessions for K4 through 2nd grade classes expose the students to award-winning books by well-known authors.
  • The “Pinewood Reader” program in grades 2-8 has resulted in many books being read and reading comprehension scores improving.
  • A “100 Books Club” program is available to students in the K4-K5-1st grades.
  • The “Summer Reading” program on Tuesday afternoons in June and July offers an opportunity for students to maintain their reading skills and to “bank” points for their yearly Accelerated Reader goals.