Supporting the Annual Fund

Pinewood Christian Academy began in 1970.  The first year there were eight grades.  In 1971, grades nine, ten and eleven were added.  The first senior class began in 1972 culminating with graduation in 1973.  Since the first graduation, Pinewood has graduated over fifteen hundred young people.  These graduates have impacted not only our surrounding communities but also others around the world.

In the beginning, the school adopted a philosophy which set it apart from other area schools.  The school’s founding headmaster, O. H. (Tab) Smith, Jr. introduced a motto which concisely explained the values which were to be stressed at Pinewood – “Fides, VERITAS, Hereditas” which means “Faith, Truth, Heritage.”  For the past forty-five years we have lived by this motto.

Many lives have been changed as students pass through the doors of Pinewood.  From the first day of school to graduation night, lives have been shaped academically and spiritually.  Our students have graduated and gone on to higher schools of learning, taking with them many happy memories and friendships that will remain with them forever.  They are now members of the Pinewood family which will love, support and comfort each other as time passes.

In the past, we along with our parents and grandparents have raised money through chicken Bar-B-Que’s, Magazine sales, Super Raffle sales, Tuition Raffle sales and Coca Cola sales.  Three years ago the board decided to do away with the above activities and have an “Annual Fund”. The money raised through the Annual Fund would supplement what the tuition did not cover.   The Pinewood family has been very generous over the years.  As our parents and grandparents pass away, we have to step up and continue the tradition of giving.

Pinewood has grown over the years.  New classrooms, new gymnasiums, new softball and baseball fields, new lunchroom, new weight room, new computer labs, new lecture hall and many other features which enable the students to have a well-rounded education.   These were possible through the generosity of patrons, alumni, grandparents and friends of PCA.  Their gifts were used to create the facilities that we all enjoy today.  Now it is our time to make sure that Pinewood will be available for future generations.

As alumni, now we have an opportunity to give back to Pinewood.  We can all begin a tradition of yearly giving.  If every graduate were to donate one hundred dollars ($100), we would be able to give the school $150,000 to use in expanding the offerings of the school.  Our students would be exposed to latest technology offered.  Some might be led to give more while others may feel that they can’t afford to give a hundred dollars.  The amount given is not important.  The fact that you appreciate the educational and spiritual training that you received while attending Pinewood Christian Academy and are willing to give something back is what’s important. 

Annually our faculty, staff and board are 100% in their contributions to the Annual Fund.  It would be great if our alumni would work toward being 100% also.

Invest in Pinewood’s future by participating today.  If you would like to contribute to the Annual Fund, please click the link below to complete the form and return to the school or use the donate now button to access our online giving page.

Investing in Pinewood’s Future