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Pinewood First Graders Perform A Tale of Three Trees

By: Abigail Tucker, PCA Junior
Pinewood Christian Academy first graders brought the story of A Tale of Three Trees to life for their annual Christmas play. Students performed the play for family and friends in spirit of the Christmas season.
In the play, the children portrayed the three trees, each with different dreams, and roles including Mary, Joseph, Roman soldiers, shepherds, wise men, and animals. The first tree wished to be a treasure chest filled with precious stones. The second tree longed to travel the world as a ship for mighty kings. The third tree dreamed of bringing glory to God by pointing its branches toward Heaven. Years later, lumberjacks came and cut down the three trees. They were each made into different things, none of which were what they had dreamed. The trees were made into a manger, a fishing boat, and strong beams. One night, the first tree held a new baby boy named Jesus and suddenly the tree knew it held the greatest treasure in the world. The second tree carried a tired traveler and his friends for a journey across the lake. Soon, a raging storm arose and the tree realized she would not have the strength to carry any farther. The tired traveler awakened and calmed the storm and the second tree knew it was carrying the King of Heaven and Earth. The third tree was snatched from the forgotten woodpile and carried through a very harsh crowd. A man’s hands were nailed to it and the tree knew the man would die. The next morning at sunrise, the tree realized God’s love had conquered all. Each of the three trees witnessed the Savior in the flesh.
The children gained a deeper understanding of the story of Christ by acting out the play and saw Christ’s love for each of them.

(Front Row L to R): Logan Deal, Garrett Smith, Pate Rogers, Rachael Deal. Kennedy Elrod, Hagan Smith, Ada Grace Hendrix, Maggy Bluestein, Cason Lewis, Charlie Thompson, Camden Clark, Mattox Elrod. (Middle Row L to R): Joey Leiter, Jacob Stavriotis, Hallie Watkins, Shelby McWilliams, Ella Hendrix, Ellie Jarriel, Bonnie Blocker, Austin Jarriel, Lawson Browning, Hunter Folsom, Brant Davis, Waylon Massey, Percy Randall (Back Row L to R): Rebecca Deal, Caroline Fries, Allie Nail, Eden Griffith, Hayden Upchurch, Maclain Tucker, Jack Hales, Sam Wasson, Taylor McDaniel, Tucker Kraus.

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