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Pinewood honors National and Junior Honor Society Inductees

Front row (l to r): Rebekah Whiten, Cadence Lynn, Jackson Fries, Walt Durrence, Jade Bradley, Brandon Manville, Gabriel Edwards, Joseph Eason, Ben Wilbanks, Jenna Bradley, and Brooke Anderson; Middle row: Clint Strickland, Mic Wasson, Parker Deal, Asher Cathey, Rich Pazderski, Grayson Duckworth, Jack Strickland, Faith Smith, Emma Watson; Back row: Mason Shuman, Jake Shuman, Parker Claxton, Charley Holland, Peighton White, Marley Dekle, Shannon Potts, Anna Kate Dutton, Ashton Dykes, Grace Anne Nevil, and Lela Brannen


By: Hannah Rice, PCA sophomore

Pinewood Christian Academy held their National and Junior Honor Society Induction on Wednesday, September 6. Sixty-one students were inducted between the National and Junior Societies giving PCA a total of 84 members in the National Honor Society consisting of 10th thru 12th graders along with 61 members in the Junior Honor Society consisting of students in grades 8th and 9th.

PCA is proud to recognize these students as they strive to maintain the standards of academic excellence set forth by the nation’s oldest, largest, and most prestigious student recognition program.

National Honor Society Inductees:

Emma Dasher
Levi Graham
Timothy Johnson
Laine Bradley
Anabelle Brannen
Hayley Coley
Malaree Dasher
Madeline Deal
Chandler Driggers
Olivia Durrence
Wade Durrence
David Friedberg
Annie Glisson
Presley Godbee
Ronnie Griffin
Logan Haddon
Taylor Hendrix
Ansley Howard
Hailey Kinlaw
Clair Lewis
Aaron Lyons
Vivian McLendon
Abi Oates
Hannah Rice
Anna Shuman
Ashton Shuman
Sydney Strickland
Emily Thompson
Preston Waters

Junior National Honor Society Inductees:
Brooke Anderson
Jena Bradley
Jade Bradley
Lela Brannen
Asher Cathey
Parker Claxton
Parker Deal
Marley Dekle
Grayson Duckworth
Walter Durrence
Anna Kate Dutton
Ashton Dykes
Joseph Eason
Gabriel Edwards
Jackson Fries
Charley Holland
Cadence Lynn
Brandon Manville
Grace Ann Nevil
Rich Pazderski
Shannon Potts
Jake Shuman
Mason Shuman
Faith Smith
Clint Stricklan
Jack Strickland
Aaron Vause
Mic Wasson
Emma Watson
Peighton White
Rebekah Whiten
Ben Wilbanks

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