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Rachel Jarriel signs with Brewton Parker College

On Tuesday, April 18, 2017, Pinewood Christian Academy’s Rachel Jarriel signed to Brewton Parker College’s cross country and track and field team. Rachel Jarriel, who has ran track since eighth grade, has won multiple awards and gone to state competitions almost every year. Paula Johns, Rachel’s track coach, could not be more proud for her first athlete to sign with a college. With multiple schools trying to get Rachel on their team, Rachel shared, “The reason I chose Brewton Parker was that it seemed like a great school, and the coaches and staff were all very nice and welcoming.”

Rachel probably is the most dedicated runner on Pinewood’s track team. Micah Shaw, Brewton Parker’s track coach, said, “Rachel will be a great fit for our team and our school. Her dedication is remarkable, and her passion for the sport really makes the difference. She is a sweet girl, and we are really excited to have her.”

Pinewood could not be more excited to see where Rachel goes with her promising track career.


By: Katie Bell, senior

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