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Pinewood Hosts Area Spelling Bee

On April 26, 2017, Pinewood hosted the annual area spelling bee attended by Briarwood Academy, Citizens Christian Academy, First Presbyterian Christian Academy, John Hancock Academy, Robert Toombs Christian Academy, Solid Rock Academy, Solid Rock Christian Academy, Twiggs Academy, and PCA. Each school brought two students per grade, and spellers competed in single elimination rounds.

Pinewood’s Brantley Dutton (1st grade) and Bradley Hearn (5th) won first place; and Tyler Trimm (2nd), Banks Hearn, (3rd), Grayson Swindell (8th), Vivian McLendon (9th), and Milligan Williams (11th) placed second. Congratulations to these students and all Pinewood’s spellers!

1st Grade:

Brantley Dutton

Jonathan Kraus

2nd Grade: 

Abby McDonald

Tyler Trimm

3rd Grade:

Banks Hearn

Haleigh McWilliams

4th Grade:

Hamilton Whiten

Helen McDonald

5th Grade: 

Bradley Hearn

Ella Johns

6th Grade: 

Smith Dekle

Madelyn Spacek

7th Grade: 

Brooke Anderson

Ashton Dykes

8th Grade:

Grayson Swindell

Riya Patel

9th Grade:

Emily Thompson

Vivian McLendon

10th Grade:

Britton Waters

Elizabeth McCooey

11th Grade:

Milligan Williams

Lilly Dasher

12th Grade:

Kylie Brockman

Rebekah Cousson


By Milligan Williams, junior

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