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Pinewood Third Graders visit Sea Star Program on Skidaway Island

Pinewood Christian Academy’s 3rd graders participated in the Sea Star Program. This program was held at the University of Georgia Marine Education Center Museum and Aquarium on Skidaway Island in Savannah, Ga. Students learned about the many different habitats of animals that live in Georgia including: farmer’s fields, ponds, deserts, forests, and ocean communities. Another focus of their trip was on Georgia’s coastal habitats and Atlantic Ocean.

The Sea Star Program included a two-hour class that allowed students to investigate and explore various habitats of Georgia’s coastal animals and how those adapt to survive. Students participated in a scientific investigation of mud and sand from the marsh in which they described their physical attributes. Their class also included time with the Touch Tanks where students were given the opportunity to hold animals such as clams, snails, crabs, horseshoe crabs, spider crabs, and starfish. Students then went to see the aquarium where there are over 100 different fish of 50 different species. They participated in a “scavenger hunt” where they had to find certain animals in the tanks with particular characteristics.

To conclude their day of exploring, the students went on a short hike through Jay Wolfe Nature Trail to visit the docks. The children spent time looking at the marsh and in the water to see if they could spot any animals that they had learned about throughout the day. Afterwards, they gathered together to share a picnic by the water before returning home.

The trip was a fun-filled day that allowed students the ability to experience their learning first hand in an authentic and memorable way which is something that Mrs. Daniel and Mrs. DeLoach are gifted at providing as they teach.

By: Emiley Phillips, PCA sophomore

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