The Patriot

Winter Sports Banquet

On Tuesday, March 7, 2017, Pinewood held their annual winter sports banquet. This banquet honored athletes involved in basketball, cheerleading, and wrestling. These athletes received recognition for their outstanding achievements along with a plaque.

The boy’s basketball players who were awarded were:


  • Cameron Dutton – 6th Man Award
  • Kort Kennedy- Most Improved, All-Region
  • Ethan Duckworth- Best Offense, All-State, All-Region
  • Parks Hagan- All-Region
  • Jeffery Young- Coach’s Award, All-Region

The lady patriots that received awards were:


  • Carliegh Bell – All-Region
  • Shelton Rogers – All-Region, All-State
  • Macy Pirkle – All-Region, All-State
  • Abi Oates – All-Region

The wrestlers that were presented with awards were:

  • Korbett McGregor – 3rd place Region
  • Kennon Bell – 3rd place Region
  • Tal Godwin – 2nd place Region, 6th place State
  • Brock Heath – 3rd place Region
  • Joseph McGregor – 2nd place Region, 4th place State
  • Bryson Heath – 2nd place Region
  • Teague Blake – 2nd place Region, 6th place State
  • Ronnie Griffin – 3rd place Region, 6th place State
  • Christian Strickland – 6th place State
  • Jobie Harlty – 2nd place Region, 4th place State
  • Matthew Coe – 3rd place region

The cheerleaders that were awarded were:


  • Lily Dasher – All-American
  • Emily Threlkeld – All-American, Coach’s Award
  • Grangier Ballard – All-American, Most Improved
  • Emma Dasher – All-American, Coach’s Award
  • Peighton Brown – All-American


By: Grace Gordon, Sophomore

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