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Fourth Grade Presents Famous American Reports

On February 15th-17th, fourth grade students presented their reports on famous Americans in Mrs. Coley’s language arts class. The students were assigned to pick a famous American and give a report about that person in a presentation lasting three to five minutes. Students were required to have a poster or tri-board and a costume with their presentation to bring their American to life. Famous American choices included Elvis Presley, Amelia Earhart, Davy Crocket, and many more. The presentations included the date of birth of their American, reasons their American became famous, and the location of his or her home.

Everyone had a great time presenting their reports and learned many interesting facts about the history of America as well as public speaking skills. Students always look forward to this fun and effective project, and it has become a treasured PCA fourth grade tradition.


Abi Scott

By: Lauren Shiver, junior

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