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100th day of school

February the 8th, Pinewood Christian Academy celebrated the 100th day of school. In order to get in the spirit, Pinewood’s journalism class sent out slips to homerooms in grades 4-12 asking students to share, “If you could have 100 of anything, what would it be and why?”  We received all kinds of responses interesting, funny, and some very heartfelt.  To keep in line with the theme of “100”  here are 100 responses from our students that we got:

  1. “100 houses, to give the homeless shelter to keep them safe” –Noah Joyl, 7th
  2. “100 days with my dad, because he lives so far away” –Maddison Holder, 11th
  3. “100 pairs of comfy socks; they make my feet warm, I am always cold” –Madolyn Hendrix, 12th
  4. “100 pencils because I always lose mine” –Ella Johns, 5th
  5. “100 A+ test grades in every class, I need a good GPA” –Timothy Johnson, 11th
  6. “100 new pairs of shoes, because who doesn’t love shoes?” –Milligan Williams, 11th
  7. “100 pillows, so I could jump off my trampoline without getting hurt” –Trent Jenkins, 5th
  8. “If I could have 100 of anything, I would choose blankets because I would give them to the homeless.” – Ava Woolard, 4th
  9. “I would have 100 bibles, so I could give them to people who don’t have one” –Nathan Scott, 8th
  10. “100 years to live, so I can say I lived a century” –Mic Wasson, 7th
  11. “100 classic cars of my choosing, because I love old cars” –Coach Goodson 7th grade teacher
  12. “100 deer so I can kill and eat them” –Griffin Phelps, 5th
  13. “I would have 100 days of summer each year” –Brooke Anderson, 7th
  14. “I would want 100 division one colleges wanting me for football” –Connor Kennedy,
  15. “100 York peppermint patties so I can be sweet” –Emily Griffin, 11th
  16. “100 gallons of gas” –Matthew Durrence, 7th
  17. “100 dog toys, for a fundraiser called paws on project, all donations will go to Bulloch County Animal Shelter” –Payton Haddon, 11th
  18. “100 pizzas, so they’ll last longer” –Raynie Shearin, 11th
  19. “100 days of not getting in trouble, because I’m tired of getting in trouble for breathing” –Jake Shuman,8th
  20. “100 more days with my grandpa, because I miss him so much” –Payton Rogers, 8th
  21. “100 life size candy houses, because who wouldn’t want to eat it” –Lindsey McLeod, 5th
  22. “100 true, Christian friends” –Hunter Dixon, 6th
  23. “A cure for 100 diseases, so people wouldn’t have to suffer” –Emily Jarriel, 6th
  24. “Homes for all the people who need it” –Kaylyn Twiggs, 6th
  25. “100 acres of land to live and farm on” –Lehman Nevil, 11th
  26. “100 gift cards, each worth a thousand dollars” –Logan Haddon, 9th
  27. “100 days of school left in my life” –Bryce Butler, 10th
  28. “100 cans of food to give to people in the world without food” –Emma Todd, 6th
  29. “100 countries to be able to worship God freely, because I hate it when people are hurt for believing in God” –Helen McDonald, 4th
  30. “100 puppies, because they’re cute” –Annie Kowalczyk, 11th
  31. “100 more believers in Christ, because more people need to believe in Christ” –Becky Edwards, 4th
  32. “100 deer, to hunt” –Todd Burkhaulter, 11th
  33. “100 NFL autographs” –Weyman Houston, 7th
  34. “100 of everything” –Noah Twiggs, 12th
  35. “laptops to give to charity” –Julie Collins, 7th
  36. “100 outfits from American Eagle” –Marley Dekle, 7th
  37. “100 no test days, because we take too many” –Karry Cowart, 7th
  38. “100 condos, to sell them” –Sheldon Weed, 11th
  39. “100 pounds of catfish on my trot line” –Keaton Smith, 11th
  40. “100 brains so I can find cures for cancers and other diseases” –Jhase Blalock, 5th
  41. “100 good friends forever, so I can have someone to trust” –Katlyn Langford, 4th
  42. “100 pairs of carhartt pants” –Kort Kennedy, 12th
  43. “100 bags of gummy worms” –Olivia Cousson, 11th
  44. “100 books so I can read more” –Madeline Thompson, 12th
  45. “100 pairs of underwear, to always have a clean pair” –Matthew Floyd, 12th
  46. “100 chances to ensure my dreams” –Garlon Rogers, 10th
  47. “100 baseballs, so I can hit them with my bat” –Gabriel Edwards, 7th
  48. “100 shotgun shells” –Ford Thompson, 11th
  49. “100 plane tickets, because I love to travel” –Marley Kennedy, 11th
  50. “100 truckloads of clothes” –Grace Ann Nevil, 7th
  51. “100 million dollar bills” –Ansley Dykes, 10th
  52. “100 more days with my grandma, because I loved her so much” –Alissa Smith, 8th
  53. “100 World War 2 B17s to look at” –Will Wasson, 4th
  54. “100 word essays” –Maylon Stanfield, 10th
  55. “100 unlimited shopping sprees” –Audrey Skinner, 10th
  56. “100 basketball scholarships” –Ethan Duckworth, 10th
  57. “100 days with my grandma, I never got to see her” –Liliana Mercer, 10th
  58. “100 chicken nuggets from CFA.” –Emiley Phillips, 10th
  59. “100 day cruise” –Alivia Brannen, 10th
  60. “100 small businesses so I can begin a monopoly” –Joseph Macgregor, 11th
  61. “100 homework passes” –Payton, 6th
  62. “100 nail polish colors” –Julia Hethcox, 6th
  63. “100 donuts” –Haley Horton, 6th
  64. “100 husky’s to sled race” –Callie Trani,6th
  65. “I would have 100 makos” –Colton Sowell, 6th
  66. “100 caramel filled chocolate bars” –Tanner Brinkley, 6th
  67. “100 years of wisdom” –Luke Deloach, 4th
  68. “100 plane tickets to anywhere in the world” –Grace Gordon, 10th
  69. “100 jets” –Levi Shelton, 4th
  70. “100 chicken burritos” –Forrest Johns, 8th
  71. “100 liquid lipsticks” –Cassie Barry, 8th
  72. “100 ford f-250’s” –Colt Bragg, 8th
  73. “100 four wheelers, so I can just break them all” –Garret Bland, 8th
  74. “100 good books to read, I love to read” –Annabelle Brannen, 9th
  75. “100 little brothers just like my little brother Andrew to play with me all day” –Hamilton Whiten, 4th
  76. “100 friends that love me” –Payton Cowart, 4th
  77. “100 lollipops because they are my favorite candy” –Audrey Kate Smith, 6th
  78. “100 Bibles to give away” –Eli Collins, 9th
  79. “100 grocery stores then I could get all the food that I want” –Jenna Hales, 5th
  80. “100 extra hours in my day for me to do more and accomplish more” –Aden Williams, 8th
  81. “100 pairs of shoes, so I can give it to people that don’t have any” –Riya Patel, 8th
  82. “100 cruise ships; I could enjoy it without being in line and being crowded” –Trey Kennedy, 10th
  83. “100 days with my grandad” –Riley Thompson, 10th
  84. “100 dump trucks full of teriyaki chicken” –Annika Hendrix, 5th
  85. “100 vacation days for school to use whenever you want” –Elizabeth McCooey, 10th
  86. “100 friends, so we could all hang out and have sleepovers” –Cassidi Lynn, 5th
  87. “100 nerf guns to shoot my brother with them” –Bradley Hearn, 5th
  88. “100 football jerseys, so I could wear them all the time” –Camden Johns, 6th
  89. “100 hunting dogs because the deer won’t stand a chance” –Levi Eason, 5th
  90. “100 homework passes; if you forget you homework you could just give the teacher you homework pass” –Cade Sikes, 5th
  91. “100 hot, Krispy Kreme doughnuts because I love doughnuts” –Taylor Watson, 10th
  92. “100 bags of pizza rolls because food is life” –Abigail Tucker, 10th
  93. “100 more wishes because I would probably waste this wish” –Joshua Murray, 10th
  94. “100 pairs of shoes because different shoes go with different clothes” –Faith Smith, 6th
  95. “100 pet deer” –Erin Horton, 10th
  96. “100 four-wheelers so when one tears up I can use the other one” –Andrew Brannen, 8th
  97. “100 test grade” –Kennon Bell, 8th
  98. “100 dogs because my parents won’t get me one and I really want one” –Emi Oates, 8th
  99. “100 more days in duck season” –James Rogers, 11th
  100. “100 points on my next APES test” –Caleb Hodges, 11th

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